Nowhere Junction

What if one is loved but in return one’s expectation crashes into pieces because of the ambiguity of mere statements that have actually no tenets as such however become the pivotal elements to bade farewell to someone for good? Life at that point of time seems very comfortable and free since no string seemed to be finally attached. Yet after a couple of days, the longings for that someone start with a benevolent and subtle voice, deep within, ranting out to hold on and bring back that particular one to live happily, therefore once again. 
But that classic odd element that is inside every human’s heart, referred to as Ego, the god of nothing, stops in displaying what the inner conscience is looking for. We finally end up in doing something we aren’t supposed to do. Parting in the early stages is easy, but what if the love is enshrouded with faith, lust, respect, friendship, jokes, truthfulness, and that too all in from the initial stage? What if the things that are supposed to be in haywire, are acting so vivid and lively that it looks complete and not a single force seems to collapse those? 
A person who knows the essence of loving, living in harmony, altruism are often discarded from the world, all to survive in melancholy. Indeed, but those who think that they will be loved are often neglected, not because of their caring, but because this world has stop loving. Here’s a person who wants to mix love and salvation together, there’s the world standing against him with all its will to disown him for good.

People may come, people may go, what is left over are memoirs. Those memoirs act as an intaglio in the minds of the people who are hurt. They neither can beseech others, nor can they pull themselves from the strain. In fact they are left in the middle of a never-ending phantasmagoria that has no boundary, endless, limitless.
Is it an omen to love or to be loved? Why listen to words that have no value when it is known that the hearts only speak the language of one another? Why sometimes the bitter memories are crafted with higher dignity despite having so sweet and the wonderful ones? It really feels pain when the hearts that are deeply connected, are parted by hands. Mouths that used to talk unconditionally, uncannily, unanimously, suddenly starts blistering. Eyes that were once at the focus of one another, starts jinxing, narrating stories that yields nothing but hatred, despair, tears.
Is this the effort of love and the outcome for loving someone? When we try putting forward the beauties of the memories that are spent together, the ‘togetherness’ makes way for aloofness. 
It seems like Love is just a dream in the acme of slumber. Once you have woken up, it vanishes away and promises never to return back, at whatever stake, for whatever reason.
Credits: Mr.Dhiman Deb(PGDM-Marketing)
City: Guwahati

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