Cooking-One perfect thing


What exactly is cooking? From the time when life came into existence, cooking was the first thing that came into existence with it. We can say that cooking is an art and craft in which an individual prepare food to eat. It depends on food culture how the food is to be cooked, i.e. using heat or without heat. From cooking food in open fire to using electric stoves, or baking it in different types of ovens, all this depends on different food tradition and cultural trends around the globe.


Ingredients are the most important part of cooking, and most of the ingredients are found from living organisms around us, like vegetables, grains, herbs, spices from plants, meat, eggs, milk, etc.



Types of cooking

All these styles of cooking are unique and results in delicious delicacies.

  • Baking- Baking is a process of cooking food using dry heat, mostly done using ovens but also in ashes(hot) and even can be done using hot stones.
  • Smoking- Used to process the flavors while cooking by giving exposure of smoke made from wood most of the time.
  • Roasting- Also known as grilling/broiling/Searing. This method uses dry heat using hot air envelops. It also uses indirect and diffused heat.
  • Steaming- Steaming is a process of boiling water continuously, which leads to steam generation due to vaporization; the steam processes the heat to the food and therefore results in cooking.
  • Frying- Frying can cook food in different ways itself; deep frying, hot salt frying, pan frying, Stir frying. All these frying methods are used to cook food by frying in oil or some other fat.


Good and delicious food results in lasting memories. Food memories can come from anywhere, from something like greatly cooked and beautifully presented piece of toasted bread or wonderful cherry pineapple cheese cake. You must acknowledge that there can be nothing better than perfect food and idea behind that food. The great purpose of preparing food is to make people happy and give them a great experience of taste.

Regions and Cuisines:  A cuisine can also be an important characteristic of cooking culture and traditions associated to specific region or culture.

  • Global Cuisine: A cuisine that is prepared all around the globe. To be one of the global cuisines a regional one must spread with its food all around the world.
  • Regional Cuisine: Here regions refer to a nation or a state or any local regions. These vary upon availability of food and also on climates and tradition of cooking.

Some of the great and popular examples of regional cuisines are listed below:

  1. Mughal
  2. Pakistani
  3. Rajasthani
  4. Punjabi
  5. Romanian
  6. Polis
  7. Native American
  8. French
  9. Tamil
  10. Turkish
  11. Kurdish
  12. South Indian
  13. Goan
  14. Greek
  15. Hyderabad
  16. Indian Chinese
  17. Jewish
  18. Italian
  19. Buddhist
  20. Filipino

There are hundreds of regional cuisines and cooking methods. For more stay tuned and keep cooking.

Thank You.


Credits: Prateek Kadyan (PGDM-Marketing) 



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