Shayad yehi pyar hai

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Importance of savings from an early age



Savings”: To put it in simple words, savings is a process of keeping aside a part of one’s hard earned money to satisfy future needs; be it buying a luxury car, buying a big house, investing in any kind of assets, retirement purposes or anything at all.

When we are young, we fail to understand the true value of money. We keep wondering about how our friends could spend so much on buying new clothes and expensive toys. Perhaps, that triggers the habit of savings in us. Generally speaking, it is only after spending extravagantly for almost one or two decades on this planet we start understanding the real value of money and significance of savings. But by then, the sand has already slipped from our hands.

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Cooking-One perfect thing


What exactly is cooking? From the time when life came into existence, cooking was the first thing that came into existence with it. We can say that cooking is an art and craft in which an individual prepare food to eat. It depends on food culture how the food is to be cooked, i.e. using heat or without heat. From cooking food in open fire to using electric stoves, or baking it in different types of ovens, all this depends on different food tradition and cultural trends around the globe.


Ingredients are the most important part of cooking, and most of the ingredients are found from living organisms around us, like vegetables, grains, herbs, spices from plants, meat, eggs, milk, etc. Continue reading “Cooking-One perfect thing”

Indian Power Sector – Post Independence Quixotic or Fidelity


  1. This particular analysis is not to spark any Political debate but to measure the health of the sector.
  2. This Article is a part of my Internship research on “Power Industry In Europe, Asia, North and South America”.

The power sector acts as the backbone of an economy through consistent supply of electricity and caters to every division of the economy. Hence, it is peremptory to assess the evolution of this sector—and its role in the development of the country. According to Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at constant (2011-12) prices in the year 2016-17 is likely to attain a level of Rs. 121.65 lakh crore. There is a strong correlation between the GDP growth and increase in power generation capacity of an economy. During 2014-15, around 2.41% of the industrial sector share (30.02% in GDP) equated to the contribution of the electricity generation sector. Continue reading “Indian Power Sector – Post Independence Quixotic or Fidelity”


It is hard to imagine even one soul in our generation who would turn down an opportunity to study abroad! That’s the opportunity I had; it was the one that I had always wished for. I wasn’t just going to a different country, but a different continent altogether. I was going into a different world, where people spoke a different language, ate different food and lived a different life. This was something I had always wanted to do; travel to my heart’s content and not stay in the same place. After all, God gave us legs and man-made aeroplanes for a reason!

So here I was, in Grenoble, France, a small city in the Rhone Alpes region. Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) had opened its doors for me as an exchange student for one trimester. An extremely international institute, GEM took in a huge number of exchange students every trimester, allowing its students to experience the world while they learn. I, on my first day of class, was no less than overflowing with excitement to meet students from all over the world. Now, after almost 3 months of sharing a classroom with them, I understand a lot of things that I earlier did not. Everything began to have numerous perspectives; I began to look at things differently. With the trimester coming to a close, I kept wishing in my head for it to never end. Continue reading “Safarnama”

Nowhere Junction

What if one is loved but in return one’s expectation crashes into pieces because of the ambiguity of mere statements that have actually no tenets as such however become the pivotal elements to bade farewell to someone for good? Life at that point of time seems very comfortable and free since no string seemed to be finally attached. Yet after a couple of days, the longings for that someone start with a benevolent and subtle voice, deep within, ranting out to hold on and bring back that particular one to live happily, therefore once again. 
But that classic odd element that is inside every human’s heart, referred to as Ego, the god of nothing, stops in displaying what the inner conscience is looking for. We finally end up in doing something we aren’t supposed to do. Parting in the early stages is easy, but what if the love is enshrouded with faith, lust, respect, friendship, jokes, truthfulness, and that too all in from the initial stage? What if the things that are supposed to be in haywire, are acting so vivid and lively that it looks complete and not a single force seems to collapse those? 
A person who knows the essence of loving, living in harmony, altruism are often discarded from the world, all to survive in melancholy. Indeed, but those who think that they will be loved are often neglected, not because of their caring, but because this world has stop loving. Here’s a person who wants to mix love and salvation together, there’s the world standing against him with all its will to disown him for good.

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Bootstrapping- A boon for Startups

In a developing country like India, there are no dimensions to growth when we talk about growth of startups. If a startup is able to meet customers satisfaction level to even 65-75% in terms of services/products provided by the particular startup it is believed that such startups are going to achieve something really big in near future. India is a country which is using aggressive approach to bring up new business models and new startups, by breaking old hierarchical rule set structure for startups. Government of India is helping new companies/startups in various ways; government is providing startups with great funds and various other facilities under schemes like of startup India action plan. They are ready to give light to ideas of upcoming startups. Even the states are supporting startups to grow. These initiatives are of government of India are trying to build an ecosystem for innovation. Continue reading “Bootstrapping- A boon for Startups”